Innovating Healthcare Services Through Technology: Building Framework of IDoc Mobile Application

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Jennyvi G. Pascua, Thelma D. Palaoag


Technology has become a vital impact on the development of healthcare systems, particularly through the use of mobile applications to monitor people's health as they become more concerned with maintaining their physical fitness and health. Access to healthcare services is one of the issues in the province of Quirino since hospitals and clinics are limited, communities from rural areas are having problems in availing healthcare consultation. There is a scarcity of mobilization of the people from rural areas who wants and needs to avail healthcare consultation. The goal of this study to design a framework for a mobile health application that is based on community needs, challenges and issues in availing healthcare services in the province. The framework for mobile application is a channel for this problem as it provides a way to contact Doctors in order to address healthcare needs anytime and anywhere. The researchers used Design Thinking as an innovative approach and conducted series of interviews to empathize with the community. The proposed framework for mobile application can help address the needs of the community in availing healthcare services especially those in rural areas. This can improve the quality of health and to address critical needs of patients. This can be a tool to help both patients and medical practitioners in the province of Quirino and nearby provinces in availing healthcare services.

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