An Assessment of Cybersecurity Awareness among Academic Employees at Quirino State University: Promoting Cyber Hygiene

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Joselle D. Concepcion, Thelma D. Palaoag


With the ever-changing and increasing dependence on technology, employee behavior poses a significant cybersecurity risk, and the education sector is no exception. To secure sensitive information and ensure educational activities, enhancing cybersecurity awareness among academic employees is vital. This study aimed to assess cybersecurity awareness at Quirino State University. An online questionnaire survey was presented to employees to assess their comprehension of cybersecurity and adherence to existing rules and procedures. The survey results were examined to establish the level of cybersecurity awareness and opportunities for development. While the majority of academic personnel had a basic awareness of cybersecurity, there were still areas for development, such as the risk of device threats. The findings of this study hold significant implications for the education sector, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity awareness. This approach includes regular training sessions, the establishment of effective policies, and the integration of technology-based solutions. By implementing such measures, the university can foster a proactive defense strategy and create a safer digital landscape for the entire institution, promoting a culture of cyber hygiene among its employees.

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