QoIoTX: A QoE-Aware IoT Service Discovery Framework

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Rawan Sanyour, Manal Abdullah


Quality of Experience QoE is a research area that evaluates performance based on subjective and objective metrics for the use of a product or a service. Currently, the substantial majority of QoE works mainly focus on multimedia services. However, the introduction of Internet of Things IoT has brought a new level of complexity into the field of QoE evaluation. With the evolution of new IoT technologies such as machine to machine communication and artificial intelligence, utilizing additional evaluation factors alongside the traditional ones is a crucial demand. This paper proposes QoIoTX, a QoE-based service discovery framework that can be utilized to evaluate the QoE of IoT service/application on the fly considering multiple parameters about data, network, users, and services. It extends the conventional QoE and goes beyond its legacy evaluation phases. Also, provides a novel alternative approach to evaluate the IoT services subjectively rather than using the traditional approaches that do not cope with the rapidly evolving services. Although each of the identified QoE factors is measured on a different scale and may involve different units of measurement, the proposed work can effectively evaluate the QoE through providing a single value that represents the acceptability degree of each service.   

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