Hierarchical Coordinated Control Strategy for Active Power in Distribution Networks with Scaled Distributed Generation Access

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Xiaoming Zhang, Wenbin Cao ur Syamimi Fazila, Yuhang Sun, Ying Liu, Xu Sun


Promoting scaled distributed wind turbines and photovoltaic, and other distributed generations access to the distribution network is an important measure for realize the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and to build new-type power systems. However, as the installed capacity of wind turbine, photovoltaic and other intermittent renewable energy sources climbs dramatically, the security and consumption problems of the distribution network are becoming increasingly prominent, and there is an urgent requirement to improve the active power control capability of distributed generation. To optimize the operation stability and consumption economy of the distribution network, a hierarchical coordinated control strategy for active power of scaled distributed generation is proposed based on the principle of unified control and hierarchical management, including peaking control, frequency control, mesh control and market trading control, to coordinate and optimize the system operation safety and consumption economy. The proposed strategy optimizes active power control instructions in the layer of distribution network layer, mesh layer, and functional area layer, thus fully expanding the depth and breadth of the consumption for distributed generation. The effectiveness of the proposed strategy is proved by the actual operation of Liaoning power grid.  

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