Performance assessment of monolayer Black Phosphorus DG-JLFET

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Pankaj Kumar Sanda, Anup Dey, Rudra Sankar Dhar


Two-dimensional materials are very promising for ultra-short channel future devices. This paper investigates, for the first time, the viability of the junction less transistors based on 2-D materials for future state-of-the-art technology nodes. Specifically, we investigate the performance of a Junction less monolayer black phosphorus (BP) FET (JLFET) with 12nm gate length using ab initio quantum transport simulations. The electrostatic control mechanism of the device and various intrinsic static and dynamic characteristics of the device are studied. The results reveal that BP JLFET performance can fulfill the benchmark requirement of International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS 2021) for 2028 in terms of HP and HD applications. Therefore, JLFET based on 2D materials can be a promising alternative for nano scale future device applications.

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