Comparative Analysis of SMC and INC MPPT Algorithm for Dual Input Single Output System

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Prabhakar Holambe, Sanjay Dambhare


Many MPPT algorithms present to date have maximum output power from solar PV. This paper compares the SMC and INC algorithm results for the double input single output (DISO) system simulated on MATLAB/Simulink and verified with hardware. As the system is DISO, power is fed to the load, one from solar PV and another from the battery, with the help of a boost converter and bidirectional chopper. A control technique is designed to have constant voltage across the load and extract maximum power from solar PV under variable irradiance. In this project, the PI controller is used on the battery side, which helps to decide whether the battery works in undercharging or discharging mode. Different modes of operation are also shown in the paper, and the MPPT algorithm is used to extract maximum power from solar PV.

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