A Novel Approach of Cloud Computing Network for Authentication and Security Enhancement of IoT Enabled Cancer Forecasting System

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Anusha Ampavathi, Dhawaleswar Rao CH, T. Nagalakshmi, S. Muruganandam, N. Magendiran, I. Naga Padmaja, K. Selvam, Manasa Bandlamudi


Recently, a variety of approaches have been employed to address a broad spectrum of real-world issues; these methodology cover a variety of areas, including healthcare systems. Previous researchers concentrated on health-care monitoring software. It had several shortcomings, such as poor health-care data storage, time, expense, and processing complexity. This paper proposes a unique IoT-enabled and secured clinical monitoring paradigm to address these issues. Initially, implant several sensors to gather information on vital indicators like body temperature fluctuation. Phone numbers, marital status, heart rate deviation, residence, name, age, and blood pressure are among the patient's health information. The IoT medical sensor dataset is used in this investigation. During pre-processing, extra unnecessary attributes are removed, resulting in data size reduction and normalization. A convolutional neural network supporting the classification of cancer sickness that is based on the improved teaching-learning optimization (CNN-ITLO) method. The CNN-ITLO model ascertains whether or not the patient is cancer-prone based on the sensor input. The management of the hospital receives the gathered data after which it is analyzed. Lastly, the homomorphic encryption approach is used to encrypt and store the patient's data on the cloud. The Java platform will be used to carry out the recommended work. According to the experiment results, the suggested method performed better than current cutting-edge practices.

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