Unleashing Innovation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering: The Role of New Technology in Driving Progress

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B. Ravi Chandra, Adil Rajput, Prasanna P. Deshpande, Jatindranath Gain


This research paper explores the dynamic landscape of electrical and electronic engineering, focusing on the pivotal role of new technologies in driving progress and innovation. The study conducts a comprehensive review of recent technological innovations, with a particular emphasis on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the pervasive influence of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the transformative capabilities of 5G technology. Through a meticulous evaluation, the paper underscores the profound impact of these innovations on the field, emphasizing their contributions to enhanced efficiency, reliability, and communication capabilities within electrical and electronic systems. The implications for the future are discussed in the context of fostering continued innovation. Recommendations are presented to address the challenges and opportunities posed by these advancements. Key suggestions include investing in research and development, promoting collaboration through industry-academia partnerships, and encouraging interdisciplinary research to address complex challenges. The paper concludes by envisioning a future where electrical and electronic engineering, propelled by ongoing innovation and collaboration, plays a central role in addressing global challenges and driving societal advancements.

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