Non-Traditional Factors in Debussy's Creation Take the Prelude "Voiles" as an Example

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Wang Ye


"Voiles" stands as the second piece in Debussy's "Twenty-four Piano Preludes", marking a mature stage in his musical oeuvre. Debussy, as the pioneer of Impressionism style, demonstrates remarkable innovation and personality in contrast to traditional norms. Drawing from the acoustic expressiveness evident in Impressionist piano compositions, this study begins with an exploration of the aesthetic perception of acoustic color. It intertwines this exploration with the psychological concept of "synesthesia", which links time, space and visual perception. Focusing on auditory aesthetic perception of acoustic color, this paper takes “Voiles” as the research object, and analyzes its melody, structure and acoustic characteristics from the perspective of music analysis. In this way, the sound innovation and impressionism style in Debussy's creation can be explored.    

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