Intelligent Composite Compensation Under Load Variation in Power Transmission System.

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Saiful Amri Ismail, Ismail Musirin, Nor Azwan Mohamed Kamari, Mohd Helmi Mansor, Zulkiffli Abdul Hamid, Mohamad Hatta Hussain, A.V. Sentil Kumar


The power transmission system is in a stressed condition due to the increasing electricity demand. This stress, exacerbated by the deregulated power system environment, necessitates an urgent additional supply to maintain system adequacy. One important initiative to alleviate the transmission burden which meets the load demand can be rectified by composite compensation scheme. This paper showcases intelligent composite compensation under varying loads, emphasizing loss minimization. The approach integrates a loss control scheme involving Distributed Generation (DG) and Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch (ORPD) with multi-DG installation termed composite compensation, employing a novel optimization technique called Integrated Cloning Accelerated Mutation Evolutionary Programming (ICAMEP). The study identifies optimal locations and sizes for composite compensation in the power transmission system, demonstrating its superiority over traditional optimization techniques namely the evolutionary programming (EP) and artificial immune systems (AIS). Results are demonstrated for four cases involving single DG, 3 DGs and composite compensation validated on IEEE 30-Bus Reliability Test System (RTS). ICAMEP is superior over EP and AIS in achieving the highest loss reduction.   

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