Reactive Power Management in Loss and Voltage Control via Integrated Clonal Accelerated Evolutionary Programming

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Rahmatul Hidayah, Ismail Musirin, Zulkiffli Abdul Hamid, Nor Azwan Mohamed Kamari, Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim, A.V. Sentil Kumar


Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch (ORPD) plays a crucial role in maintaining voltage stability, enhance power transfer capability, improve system efficiency, regulate voltages, manage congestion, facilitate renewable energy integration, and achieve cost savings in power systems. This paper presents a new optimization technique for optimal reactive power management in power transmission system, called Integrated Clonal Accelerated Evolutionary Programming (ICAEP) algorithm to optimize the reactive power to be dispatched by the generator buses under 3 scenarios with cases. The ICAEP was developed based on hybridization of the traditional Artificial Immune System (AIS) and Evolutionary Programming (EP). The two cases demonstrate the effect of reactive load increment at the chosen load buses; while the three scenarios represent the ORPD schemes which indicate the involvement of generator buses either 3 generators, 4 generators or 5 generators. Implementation of ICAEP outperformed AIS and EP in both objective functions either in minimum voltage maximization or power loss minimization, involving all the cases under the three scenarios. The performance of the ICAEP is evaluated on the IEEE 30-bus test system. The results would be beneficial to power system operators and planning expansion and knowing the status of their systems in their utilities. The developed optimization engine is also robust and feasible for further optimization problem solving initiatives.     

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