Dr First Aider: A vertical chatbot for First Aid

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Vinothini Kasinathan, Edward Ding Hong Wai, Vinnie The, Chu Kwan Yue Jovi James, Aida Mustapha, Ismail Musirin


The lack of first aid knowledge can have several implications especially in an emergency situation. The delayed or inadequate response may increase the risk of complications and even result in loss of life. In effort to increase preparedness and first aid awareness among the public, a vertical chatbot called Dr. FirstAider is proposed. The objective of Dr. FirstAider is to provide knowledge on recognizing early sign and symptoms of medical conditions or injuries, so the public is able to respond effectively in emergency situations. The prototype of Dr. FirstAider is developed based on the Engati tool and evaluated via a questionnaire among 30 respondents. The feedback received on the usability of Dr. FirstAider are positive with some suggestions for future work such as dedicating specific sections for children or elderly.    

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