The Big Data Thinking in Furniture Innovative Design Under the Environment Configuration of Modern Chinese Houses

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Liuying Zhu


"Big data" is a popular word at present, and its application in various industries has gradually become widespread. In the furniture industry, the application effect of big data in the market is more and more prominent, and the great value brought by big data to furniture enterprises is also more and more obvious. How to use big data to obtain the information advantage brought by big data is also an important problem faced by furniture enterprises. This paper introduces the application and application methods of big data in new furniture design, and discusses how furniture design can effectively use big data to seize market opportunities and achieve new business development. This paper discusses how to apply more extensive data thinking in furniture design, model development and subsequent design to improve product innovation design, so as to provide effective reference for the new development of furniture design. At the same time, we explored innovative furniture design in combination with reality, and found that using big data can effectively enhance the pertinence of furniture design and optimize user experience.

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