Analysis of the impact of VR technology based on big data edge computing and deep learning on English short video teaching

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Zhitong Cheng, Maoen Lou, Liangjin Lu


VR (Virtual Reality) technology applied to English short video teaching, compared with traditional English short video teaching can change the teacher-student interaction mode, providing students with a new English learning environment, making the classroom teaching content more realistic presentation. This paper focuses on VR scenario teaching and short video teaching, taking the English course of a school in Shanghai as an example. The students of VR situational teaching group have made great progress in vocabulary judgment, complementary dialogue and Chinese-English translation, with the passing rates of 43% and 100% respectively. The real scene created by virtual reality technology has greatly improved students' interest in learning and the effectiveness of classroom teaching. The development trend of educational informatization is virtualization and intellectualization. The application of virtual reality technology in the process of education and teaching is of great significance to the modernization of secondary education in China.

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