The Development Path of Wenzhou's Integration of the Private Economy and Vocational Education Under the "Four Chain Drive" Model

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Xin Lin


Wenzhou City, one of the key areas in China for private economic development, has been actively pushing for the deep integration of the private sector and vocational education in recent years, seizing the chance presented by the "Ministry and Province Co-constructing" National Highland of Vocational Education Innovation pilot project. This study attempts to investigate the creative growth path by using the integration of the private business and vocational education in Wenzhou City as the research object and the "four-chain-driven" model as the theoretical foundation. This study determines the research status, issues, and influencing factors of the industry and education integration mode by methodically arranging the academic history and dynamics of related research both domestically and internationally. It also incorporates the chain theory into the relevant research on the evolution of the integration of industry and education, which offers the theoretical foundation for this investigation. Research on the current state of Wenzhou's integration of the private sector and vocational education, research on influencing factors, and research on the "four-chain-driven" model are all included in the study. In order to provide references for governmental decision-making, this study aims to thoroughly analyse the current state of affairs, issues, and potential mechanisms of the integration of the private economy and vocational education in Wenzhou from multiple dimensions through empirical investigation, statistical analysis, and case studies. In the end, this research seeks to create an innovative "four-chain-driven" model of industry-education integration and development that is in line with Wenzhou's real circumstances. It also offers theoretical direction and doable avenues for Wenzhou to achieve superior industry-education integration development.

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