Integrated Two-Level New Energy Monitoring and Big Data Centers: A Comprehensive Approach for Urban Sustainability

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Bin WU, Zhenfang LYU


This study examines the transition to green energy in Wenzhou City and suggests a novel plan for integrating an energy monitoring and data center. The aim is to improve the city's sustainability through the building of a large-scale wind-solar integrated energy monitoring system by a group in Wenzhou City. The solution uses the Internet of Things and intelligent data analysis technology to realize real-time data collection, processing and operation and maintenance decision support for distributed power stations. The system adopts storage-computer separation and data encryption technology to ensure data security and system stability and improves data processing efficiency through containerization and microservice architecture. In addition, the study also explores the application potential of this technical scheme in regional energy planning, which provides a new idea for Wenzhou to achieve green energy transformation and low-carbon development.

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