Research on the Design Method of Rural Lodging Based on the Integration of Architecture and Environment

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Jing Hu, Kangkang Zhang


The concept of modern tourism intelligent application in China is to fully meet the information needs of tourists and customer experience, and the development of intelligent tourism relying on Internet of Things (IoT) is its most basic guarantee condition. With the rise of ethnic village tourism and the change of new consumer lifestyle, B&B shows an explosive development. Tourism consumers are also shifting from hotels to home stays in the process of tourism. Therefore, based on IOT application as the starting point, this paper firstly, gives a more detailed description of the development process and marketing status of home stays, and discusses its various problems. Then, based on the TP theory of ethnic villages, Porter's five forces analysis model and the SWOT analysis method of ethnic villages, the marketing environment of homestays is studied in depth to discover their advantages.The HTOE model develops a marketing mix strategy for B&Bs that meets the actual situation of ethnic village development

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