Research on Urban Architecture Design under the Concept of Smart City

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Wei Wang, Feng Fu


After the digital city and smart city concepts, the latest proposed smart city concept is a general summary of the advanced form of urban information development, which plays an important role in the economic transformation of cities, social governance, improvement of residents' quality of life and energy conservation and environmental protection. The smart city puts forward new requirements for the architectural design of the city, and how to reasonably use the smart city concept in the architectural design is still a major issue for architects and professionals to think about. To this end, this paper proposes a state tracking based full working condition modeling method for nonlinear industrial systems. For the problem that the amount of historical data is too large and it is difficult to screen the modeling data, a sliding window is designed to screen the steady-state data, and a fast recursive algorithm of standard deviation in the window is derived; the influence mechanism of unknown disturbances on the system is analyzed, and the data modeling by dynamic regression to the steady state is selected, and a data-driven modeling algorithm that can eliminate the influence of disturbances is proposed; the model information contained in the process industrial big data is used to apply the higher order function to fit each A linear variable parameter transfer function model based on the characteristic parameters is proposed. The identification of an industrial process is shown to be effective. The main points of urban architectural design should be noted under the concept of smart city from four aspects: safety, diversity, environmental protection and emotionality.

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