Innovative Financial Management in Higher Education: A Multi-Scale Deep Learning Approach for Risk Reduction and Quality Enhancement

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Hongbin Yue


This paper presents a novel university financial management system leveraging multi-scale deep learning. With rising college enrollment and teaching complexities, traditional financial models require adaptation to mitigate risks and improve management quality. The system integrates hardware and software innovations: multiple sensors enhance data scanning, coordinated by a central coordinator, ensuring comprehensive financial database coverage. Software-wise, a structured database establishes attribute-based financial connections, crucial for weight assignment. Employing a multilayer perceptual network topology, a full interconnection model based on multi-scale deep learning facilitates profound data extraction. Experimental evaluations demonstrate the system's superior financial risk assessment capabilities compared to traditional approaches, extracting a broader spectrum of financial parameters for comprehensive risk warnings. By embracing multi-scale deep learning, this system promises significant advancements in university financial management, enhancing adaptability and risk mitigation in college finance departments.

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