Realistic Problems and Practical Paths of "Three-Wide Education" in Higher Education Based on Text Analysis and Mining

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Tianyu Gao


"Three complete education" is a powerful attempt to meet the requirements of the times. Students must have high quality, and they are compound talents who meet the requirements of the times "Universal education" is to provide students with comprehensive training to improve their cultural level and spiritual and moral level to meet the requirements of future social competition. To study the comprehensive reform and development of the moral education in universities, this paper reviews and standardizes the formation and development of the comprehensive reform in universities, which is related to the development of the comprehensive reform from three aspects: strengthening the system interconnection in the process of all staff training, strengthening the effective interaction between cultures in the whole process, and ensuring the complete organic integration of cultures. It puts forward a solution to the comprehensive reform of "three complete education" for universities. Provide some reasonable suggestions for the intensive development of moral education in universities. 

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