Research on strong noise environment and piano teaching application based on virtual data space system

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Ning Zhang


Music is the art of both sound and hearing. Among many musical instruments, the piano has the title of "king of instruments". Unlike the violin, which is delicate and soft, the piano's tone is noble and graceful. The pianist Nergoz once said that the purpose of all piano playing is to make sound and to create sound. So, how to use the piano to create a beautiful sound? This is an essential concern for all piano players. Therefore, it is important to practice tone, both in practice and in playing music, and only when the fingers touch the keys can a beautiful tone be produced. Tone is important in the whole process of piano playing. Both the expressiveness of the piano and its appeal to the listener are closely related to the quality of the tone. The part of the key that is touched, the intensity and the technique all have an important influence on the tone. The scientific approach to finger touch is a particularly important skill and technical criterion, both in the process of learning the piano and when performing it.

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