Intelligent Internet of Things and Privacy Protection Technology for IPE Data Analysis

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Xiaolin Guo, Yongwang Zhang


In the process of shaping the personality and forming the ideal and belief of innovative talents, education plays a unique role that cannot be replaced by other forms of education. The application of an intelligent Internet of Things has been well developed in college teaching. AI is the reality of technological development in the training of higher talents in the new era, and it is the realistic demand for IPE in the training of higher talents, which requires political and ideological empowerment. Positioning the role of "educational assistant" in AI and then defining it as a "quasi-subjective object", is the basic positioning of the introduction of higher-talent IPE at this stage. 1) Build a model of teacher-student interaction supported by "human-computer cooperation"; 2) Construct intelligent learning and intelligent teaching modes supported by "algorithm databases"; 3) Establish the mechanism principle of "people-oriented" assessment and goal orientation, and further improve the quality of IPE in China's higher education personnel training. This paper aims to explore the use of artificial intelligence technology to build an ideal ideological and political education paradigm in the process of training higher-level talents in Chinese universities.

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