Exploring Medium and Low-Temperature Convective Geothermal Resources Through Controlled Source Audio Magnetotelluric Mothod

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Sheng He, Wenxin Ma, Jun Pan


Medium and low-temperature convective geothermal resources are a crucial component of China's geothermal wealth, primarily concentrated in the eastern coastal regions. To maximize the utilization of these resources, geophysical surveys are essential, with controlled source audio magnetotelluric(CSAMT) being a prominent and effective method employed in geothermal resource assessments. This study focuses on applying CSAMT to survey specific geothermal sites, including the Xiu Yan Gou Tang Hot Spring, Fengcheng Gou Tang Hot Spring, and Hai Cheng Xi Huang di Geothermal Field. The results obtained through this method provide detailed insights into the distribution of both deep and shallow thermal storage spaces within these fields, shedding light on the intricate thermal circulation systems associated with them. These findings serve as a reliable foundation for planning and executing further geothermal resource development projects. CSAMT emerges as a comprehensive tool for understanding the nuances of medium and low-temperature convective geothermal resources. 

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