Application of Depth Convolution Virtual Reality (VR) in Traditional Sculpture Design under Digital Modeling

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Cheng Fang


Virtual reality technology continues to be used in other technical fields, art forms are becoming more and more abundant. Virtual reality technology provides convenience for art creation. The combination of art and technology can become a new art form, digital art, and has become a trend of art development. The earliest sculpture art in the art field is no exception, and has also blended with the virtual reality technology. Because the artistic presentation of traditional sculpture art is a relatively complex materialization process, the thinking presentation and creation process of sculpture art need to go through a series of processes to complete the final sculpture works of art; This makes sculpture art more complex and more difficult to operate than other arts when using virtual reality technology. If virtual reality technology wants to integrate perfectly with sculpture art, it needs to combine the process of sculpture art and provide different digital technology methods in different links. This document uses linear combination to solve two level problems, which is a very effective adaptive algorithm. The empirical results show that the improved fusion algorithm can re analyze the importance of the positive process in the rapid development of virtual reality technology, and the rapid development of virtual reality technology is crucial to shaping the value of this theme. Compared with traditional methods, the accuracy of this experiment is increased by 13.4%, and compared with the algorithm TIN, the time complexity and space complexity are 97% and 54% lower respectively.

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