A Study on Identifying and Addressing the Gaps in Academia and Industry Demands with reference to selective Higher Education Institutions in Telangana State

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D. Sudheer Reddy K. Narendra Kumar , Rakesh Kumar Patra


The industry and Academic institutions are expected to go hand in hand to accelerate the growth of any nation. But unfortunately, there is something that resists the equilibrium of skills needed for the industry and academic excellence. This study is a small attempt of  highlights the essential need to recognize and evaluate gaps among the assortment of abilities needed in evolving job environments and the soft abilities and technical abilities obtained by students at colleges and universities. The basic objective is to ensure that educational institutions maintain contemporary with market developments, developments in technology, and appropriate requirements, with a final objective of educating graduates for profitable and significant employment. This objective can be accomplished through employing an integrated technique which involves interviews, questionnaires, and statistical analysis in order to conduct a comprehensive review of present shortcomings regarding both soft as well as technical skills. Discussions with stakeholders, including corporate executives, instructors, and former students, offer vital insight into the ever-evolving requirements of the employment marketplace. Experts anticipate that by completing this investigation, researchers will be able to shed light on components of the educational curriculum that are currently outdated date or fall short of the requirements of industry.

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