A Study of Irrigation Management in Smart Farming and IoT for Greenhouse Tomato Production

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Irfan Ardiansah Awang Bono ,Roni Kastaman , Edy Suryadi , Yanti Rubiyanti


In this study of the relevant literature, we look at the development of smart farming and precision agriculture in greenhouse tomato cultivation, paying particular attention to the role that the Internet of Things (IoT) and automated irrigation systems have played thus far. Five terms were used to compile this literature review: automated watering systems, greenhouses, the Internet of Things, tomatoes, and smart farming. This article summarizes recent advancements in smart farming tech, their impact on greenhouse tomato farming, and their potential to boost future crop yield and quality. The evaluation starts by introducing 'smart farming' and its significance in agriculture, followed by a review of the greenhouse sector and an overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) within it, with subsequent examination of the pros and cons of employing smart farming and IoT in greenhouse tomato cultivation through specific industry technology examples. The following overview section discusses the benefits of cultivating tomatoes in a smart greenhouse, techniques for achieving optimal results in greenhouse tomato farming, and includes case studies to demonstrate the advantages of automated irrigation for smart greenhouse tomato cultivation, while this literature review analyzes the current state of innovative farming technology and its effect on greenhouse tomato cultivation, covering smart farming, greenhouse cultivation, the Internet of Things, tomato cultivation, and automated irrigation, summarizing significant results and recommendations for future research, including promising increases in crop yield and quality.

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