Smart Helmet with A Head-Mounted Display, Solar Panel, and Natural Language Processing

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Ratnesh Kumar Dubey, Suraj Sharma, Abhinandan Singh Dandotiya, Nidhi Dandotiya, Shashi kant Gupta, Farhan Raza Rizvi


In order to combat this problem, people don't usually wear helmets when riding a bike. However, in addition to serving as a safety device, helmets can also be used for much more. This will benefit the rider in many ways, including making the most of their time while riding, arriving at their destination efficiently, and riding safely by being aware of the most likely road conditions. The design of the smart helmet presented in this paper aims to achieve the aforementioned characteristics. It will do so by employing an Arduino UNO and HC-05 Bluetooth Module for a direct helmet-to-mobile connection, as well as speech inputs and speech outputs for more convenient communication with the helmet through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a Heads-Up Display (HUD) for more detailed display output to the rider without diverting their attention from the traffic scene.

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