Secure Data in the Cloud with a Robust Hybrid Cryptographic Approach

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Ghada Yousif Ismail, Shaymaa Alhayali, Shahab Wahhab Kareem, Zozan Saadallah Hussain


Cloud security combines hybrid symmetric encryption and key management to protect user privacy. Our approach can be easily scaled to meet growing cloud data security needs. Cloud computing's basic tenet is resource sharing, which is used for data storage, analysis, and management. Since many people use cloud services and are spread out across the internet, they present many security risks. Hybrid clouds, which can be accessed from anywhere, provide numerous advantages. The security solution (infrastructure as a service) is compatible with many PaaS, SaaS, and even IaaS cloud services. Furthermore, it is consistent with the vast majority of existing cloud solutions. Cloud computing security can be strengthened by using hybrid public key cryptosystems. Concerns about data security have made many businesses wary of cloud computing. The study aims to secure cloud computing by combining the Rabin and Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) cryptographic models. Analyzing how well a combination of methods generates secure encryption and decryption keys for data. The pure RSA system has longer response times and requires fewer computations compared to the hybrid system.

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