Design of a Novel Converter Topology for Micro Grid Applications

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Devulal.B, M.Siva,  D. Ravi  Kumar


The Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are the primary source of energy because of reduction in fossil fuels day to day. The primary resource in all available non-conventional energy sources is solar energy. Solar energy is obtained normally from Photo Voltaic (PV) cells. In PV cells a photo diode is used which converts the sun irradiation into DC voltage, which is normally a low value, so this is not sufficient to run the electrical loads which are connected to the micro grids. To avoid this problem, a novel boost converter is needed to improve the voltage profile, but it has a problem of high ripple content in voltage profile, which is not preferable for giving as I/P to the Inverter. Normally inverter will take constant DC as an I/p and convert into Alternating Current (AC) voltage. To avoid the above-described ripple, a novel hybrid Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)  based DC -DC converter is presented in this paper along with a SPWM inverter circuit which finds its applications in micro grids. The distinctive topologies of 13 and 21 level inverter have been analyzed with reduced number of switches. In traditional topologies a greater number of switches are required, and it can be decreased by planning the diverse topologies. The current distinctive topology is described and compared with the conventional configurations and the corresponding results are presented. With this, it can be observed that the proposed topology gives the better outcomes. This can be utilized as a part of various micro grid inverter applications.

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