Design of circular slots loaded MIMO antenna with DGS at 28 GHz for 5G wireless services

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Ravi Kumar Goyal, Uma Shankar Modani


In this paper, a MIMO microstrip patch antenna with four radiating elements is designed and analyzed at 28 GHz. This paper addresses the problem of mutual coupling without adding a decoupling network. The decoupling method increases the complexity and volume of MIMO antennas. The CST Microwave simulator is used to simulate the MIMO antenna. The simulation and measurement results are compared to analyze the antenna's performance. The parameters of the MIMO patch antenna, including return loss, VSWR, gain, beam width, and radiation pattern, are evaluated at a center frequency of 28 GHz. The overall dimensions of the MIMO antenna are 60 × 42 × 1.6 mm3.An H-shaped slot is inserted in the middle of the ground plane to minimize mutual coupling among the radiating elements. The isolation amplitude between radiating elements is observed greater than 35 dB at 28 GHz frequency. A wide impedance bandwidth of 4 GHz (26.5 to 30.5) is achieved, by etching four small arcs into the patch’s corners. In this work, two circular slots are inserted on the radiating element to widen the bandwidth further by adjusting the surface current on each radiating patch. At the center frequency of 28 GHz, the Envelope Correlation Coefficient (ECC) is observed to be 0.0001, with a diversity gain of 10 dB. The antenna has a maximum radiation efficiency of 75% and a peak gain of 7.62 dB. This antenna can be used for 5G wireless services.

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