Effects of Exercise Intervention on Aerobic Capacity and Metabolic Indexes of Obese Adolescents from the Perspective of Computer Application

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Xiaowei Wei, Chunyan Wei, Jian Yang


The effects of 4-week aerobic training prescription intervention on aerobic capacity, body composition, blood lipid and C-reactive protein (CRP) in obese adolescents were analyzed by digital technology and computer software. The subjects were obese patients, aged 13-18 years old, 40 adolescents with body fat ratio >30%, including 20 males and 20 females. Body shape, fasting blood glucose, blood lipid, blood insulin and serum hs-CRP were measured before and after the intervention, and the data were divided by statistical analysis. Conclusion: Abdominal fat accumulation in obese adolescents is excessive, serum hs-CRP level is increased, waist circumference is significantly correlated with hs-CRP level, lipid metabolism disorders (TC, HDL-C, LDL-C) and insulin resistance are closely related to the increase of hs-CRP level, which may be a comprehensive risk factor for cardiovascular and other pathological changes in obese patients. 4 weeks of aerobic exercise can effectively reduce the body fat percentage of obese adolescents, improve waist circumference and hip circumference, improve lipid metabolism, significantly reduce the fasting insulin and hs-CRP levels of obese adolescents, and will play a positive role in preventing and reducing the occurrence and development of cardiovascular diseases in obese adolescents.

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