Recycling and Reuse of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Resin Materials with Artificial Intelligence Technology

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Baijie Cai, Jianing Hao, Huimin Zhu, Libing Du, Xiang Ma, Peng Lin, Zichang Li, Hua Chen, Dan Li, Jianming Qin, Zhiyun Deng


Landfill and incineration of obsoleted Basalt Fiber Reinforced Resin (BFRR) not only waste resources, but also pollute environment. Therefore, this study investigates the stock, environmen-tal hazards, and recycling value of waste BFRR, analyze the current BFRR recycling technolo-gies, and summarizes the current challenges and future development of BFRR recycling. The results show that the amount of obsoleted BFRR is increasing, but traditional disposal methods are challenging for efficient resource utilization while also causing environmental pollution. Emerging disposal methods also have certain drawbacks, such as the most severe damage to re-cycled Basalt Fiber (BF) reaching 80%, low recycling rates, and some methods needing help to recover resin. Regenerated BF can be used for material reinforcement, 3D printing material prep-aration, and component production, while resin recycling materials can be used in the chemical industry.Digital image processing technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are effectively uti-lized to monitor the durability of BFRR material and identify its recycling trace. Integration of AI-generated big data enhances the efficiency of BFRR material recycling, contributing to envi-ronmental protection. Overall, the investigation and advancement of BFRR recycling are still in their nascent stages. Moving forward, it is imperative to delve deeper into exploring more effi-cient and intelligent environmentally sustainable recycling methodologies aimed at minimizing recycling expenses. This endeavor will facilitate the repurposing of waste materials, consequently mitigating the environmental footprint of waste.

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