Research On the Path of High Quality Development Enabled by Big Data Technology in the Curved Area of The Yellow River

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Jiangxin He, Minjie Wang


Big data is a key factor of production to promote the current social development, and the good use of big data technology is a must to achieve high-quality development. Jiziwan of the Yellow River is a strategic overlapping area of the western development and the overland Silk Road, which has very important strategic value both in terms of geographical space and historical development. Therefore, it is particularly important to enable the high-quality development of the Yellow River Jiziwan region with big data technology. By analyzing the relevant data of the high-quality development of the main provinces of the Yellow River Bend in recent years, this paper makes a comparison of the gross product of the region in recent years, the added value of the three major industries, and the R&D investment of the industrial enterprises, so as to get the results of the high-quality development of the Yellow River Bend area and the existing problems. Through these analysis results, this paper puts forward some solutions: using big data technology to optimize regional industrial structure, promote high-quality ecological development and promote innovative development. These optimization paths help promote the importance of the digital economy and promote high-quality, sustainable and coordinated development in the region.

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