Research on the Sentiment Analysis and Evolutionary Mechanism of Sudden Network Public Opinion Based on SNA-ARIMA Model with Text Mining

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Jiaqi Mo, Ziqi Wang, Yuhan Jiang, Mingying Shi, Mengru Wang, Yongcong Luo


This article is based on the massive text data in the digital era, using text mining methods to explore the evolution mechanism of online public opinion, in order to achieve the control of public opinion trends in sudden network events and regulate the stability of online and offline public opinion. We introduced time series for decision-making assistance, combined with time series autoregressive integrated moving average model (ARIMA) for prediction, and comprehensively evaluates the evolution of public opinion from two dimensions: sentimental orientation and social network analysis (SNA). Based on this, a new exploration model for public opinion evolution, SNA-ARIMA, is constructed. The research results indicate that the process of public opinion dissemination exhibits distinct phased characteristics, and each stage is comprehensively influenced by different key nodes or factors. This study provides decision support for managing public opinion crises, making the identification of key nodes in online public opinion events, the evolution mechanism of public opinion, and the guidance of public opinion crises more systematic, forward-looking, and scientific.

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