An Analysis and Improvement Scheme for the Weakness of Kerberos V5 Authentication

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Juanjuan Gong, Tao Men, Sha Feng, Dongming Yu


The security protocol of network system can ensure the reliability of network communication. Kerberos protocol is a kind of security verification mechanism based on shared key, which has been adopted for a long time on the Internet. This text introduces the authentication process of Kerberos v5 protocol. To the defect that the authentication server don’t authenticate the user’s identity but it hold safe in building on the basis whether the user can correctly decrypt the ciphertext message in the protocol, we put forward a scheme that adding in the Challenge/Response mechanism to improve its security in Symmetric Cipher Mechanism. Passing the improved scheme’s analysis we can perceive the method that adding in Challenge/Response identity authentication technology will greatly resist Offline Password Conjecture Attack.

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