A Study on the Driving Mechanisms of Water Supply and Demand Perception in the Digital Age

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Ni Pan, Renjuan Wei, Zhen Li, Jianming Liu, Xiaopeng Li, Wenyu Shi, Xin Zhong, Qiaoxia Wang


This study investigates the drivers of water supply and demand perception in the digital age, focusing on the impact of various factors including climate change awareness, socio-economic impact perception, environmental policy awareness, and water resource protection consciousness. Through questionnaire surveys conducted in Chengdu City and data analysis using the Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM), this study reveals how the aforementioned factors collectively influence the perception of water supply and demand. The findings indicate that a profound understanding of climate change and socio-economic activities, along with a high awareness of environmental policies, can significantly enhance the public’s consciousness towards water resource protection, thereby affecting the accurate perception of water supply and demand conditions. This study not only offers a new perspective in the field of water resource management but also provides a theoretical basis and data support for formulating effective water resource protection strategies, emphasizing the critical role of intelligent water resource management in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable development. The limitations of the study include the restricted sample size and scope, which may affect the generalizability of the results. Future research is recommended to consider more variables, such as regional cultural and economic differences, and to conduct validations across a broader area and population.

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