Analysis of Factors Affecting Voluntourism Network Attention in China: An empirical Test Based on Big Data Analysis

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Yue Xiao, Jinguang Liu


Based on the Baidu index platform, this study takes panel data of 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipality directly under the central government in China from 2019 to 2023 as a research sample, and and uses big data to empirically analyze the influencing factors of the Voluntourism Network Attention in China. This study chose the Voluntourism Network Attention as the explanatory variable, the seven indicators including the consumption level of the residents, the population above the college and the total tourism revenue of the region as explained variables. Using the STATA15.0 software, the big data model is determined by a descriptive test, a unit root test, a co-integration test, a variance expansion factor (VIF) test, etc. The regression equation of this study was constructed by the generalized least squares method. The empirical study is conducted to determine the influence mode and degree of each factor on the public interest tourism network attention and analyzes the internal causes. The results show that the educational level of the region, the level of economic development and the level of tourism development have a significant positive impact on the Voluntourism Network Attention, and the regression coefficient of the education level and economic development level is the largest. Both of them are the main factors of network the Voluntourism Network Attention. In view of the empirical results, this paper puts forward the following suggestions: First, it is necessary to create more voluntourism routes suitable for college students. Second, it is essential to increase the marketing and promotion of voluntourism activities in economic and tourism developed areas.Last, there is a need to innovate the connotation and form of the voluntourism.

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