Performance of Modular Multilevel Converter in Electric Vehicles Charging Station

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S.Jaanaa Rubavathy, P.V.S.Aditya, Md. Mustafa


The awareness of air pollution is the main reason for the development of Electric Vehicles. Hence, the many number of Electric vehicle connected to grid produce power quality problem in conversion of AC-DC.  In this paper, to avoid this drawback, the MATLAB/SIMULINK model of Modular Multi Level Converter is implemented in charging station. MMC not only provide bidirectional flow but also improve power quality. The converter works on boost mode and buck mode. In G2V, the boost mode is for charging the battery of electric vehicle and buck mode is discharging the battery.         For, the G2V, the buck mode reduces the voltage to charge the battery with current or voltage constant which is about the state of the charge of the battery. The out of the battery is pure dc with mmc which replace the filter also. It increases the life of the battery. The model of the MMC-based charger for electric vehicle was created in MATLAB/Simulink, and simulation results shows the output power of the MMC and circulation current is controlled.

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