Real-Time Clickstream Analytics with Apache

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Milind Gayakwad, Tulshihar Patil, Priyanka Paygude, Prakash Devale, Anand Shinde, Rajendra Pawar, Amol Bhosale


The purpose of this research work is to provide an overview of setting up an Apache-based real-time clickstream data lifecycle for user behaviour analysis and marketing strategy improvement. It uses tools like Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Amazon S3, AWS Glue Data Catalog, Hive Metastore, and Tableau to meet the challenges of data collecting, purification, and storage. The design offers rapid data processing and analysis using Spark, high-throughput and fault-tolerant data import with Kafka, and scalable storage in Amazon S3. Data retrieval, querying, and transformation are made easier by AWS Glue Data Catalogue and Hive Metastore, while Tableau offers interactive visualisations. Data management capabilities are improved by optional interaction with a data warehouse and data lake. The scalable architecture accommodates increased data quantities and user traffic, and a mathematical model derives useful insights from clickstream data.

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