A Comparative Study Between Eccentric Strengthening and Grip Strengthening for Forearm Weakness in Individuals of Dental Practices

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Mebin Sojan Thomas, Trupti Yadav


Dental professionals require job-related physical demands that may lead to forearm weakness. This can make tasks involving gripping, lifting, and manipulating objects challenging. Hence, the study aims to investigate the impact of eccentric strengthening and grip strengthening for forearm weakness in individuals of dental practices. In the current study, 53 individuals met the inclusion criteria and provided their consent to participate. The individuals taking part in the study were assigned to two different groups, namely Group A and Group B, Group A(27) received the Eccentric exercise and Group B (26) received the Grip Strength exercise. The results of assessments for categories were assessed with an inch tape to measure the forearm circumference and 1 RM with the dumbbell. Two different sets of exercises were given to groups A and B for 5 days each week over a 4-week period. Individuals in dental practices with forearm weakness showed significant differences in the effectiveness of treatment between Group A and Group B. Both training methods were useful at increasing strength. The study results revealed a significant increase in the functional status of the forearm and optimum strength of grasp in the group A. During the dentists' training, eccentric strength therapy significantly increased their forearm strength.

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