GaN-HEMT Performance Enhancement

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Fatma M. Mahmoud, Amira Nabil, Mohamed Abouelatta, Gamal M. Dousoky, M. A. Abdelghany


In this work, a simulation analysis and calibration are carried out to improve the performance of AlGaN/GaN- MOSHEMTs (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor High Electron Mobility Transistors). The effect of the AlGaN layer thickness, gate length, Al mole fraction, and the interface traps on the electrical performance of the device has been presented. Device simulations have been done using Sentaurus technology computer-aided design (TCAD). The simulations and analysis show better drain current, transconductance, and cut-off frequency performance. The maximum cut-off frequency shown by the proposed HEMT device is 45.7 GHz at 100-nm gate length. Good transcoductance has been obtained by scaling down the gate length of the device, which is ascribed to the present two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) density that supports upgrading the output current. Higher drain current is achieved without using acceptor-like traps in the Al2O3/AlGaN interface. Results show that the Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN-based MOSHEMT is a promising device for high-frequency and power electronic applications.

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