Generic Framework for Vehicle Identification System with Deep Learning Models

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Raja Rao PBV, Kiran Sree Pokkuluri, M. Prasad, P T Satyanarayana Murthy, Asapu Satyamallesh, G Ramesh Babu, CH Phaneendra Varma


In contemporary vehicle scenario, different kinds of vehicles are playing vital role for the customers. Day by day, vehicles are increasing with different properties and identifications. Monitoring and maintain the records of vehicles in digital platform is the challenging task as well as a crucial task for the countries. Here, we have to take the scenario of digitalization of vehicles with deep learning network models for identification and maneuvering process. In our country, different states are following multiple vehicle identification like numbering, coloring and imaging. Many researchers were contributing towards this identification mechanism like supervised, unsupervised models for getting optimum accuracy. Text and Image classification are not sufficient to solve this vehicle identification problem. We are incorporating text, image and video related unstructured data set to solve this problem. We have framed a generic architecture for all kind of vehicles analyze the data. For instance, a vehicle is moving towards CCTV camera and it has been recorded as video content. In this paper, we come across video to still pictures and image segmentation and all the identification parameters like White, Yellow and green. We performed both text classification and image classification algorithms to acquire effective result compared to existing algorithms. Bi Directional RNN (LSTM/GRU) and LeNet, Alex Net, Inception, VggNet and ResNet algorithms are analyzed for this entire process. This is one of the globally challenging scenarios for identification with feature extraction, data cleaning and processing. At the end of the result, we achieved 98.94 % accuracy compare than other existing systems.

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