Research on Computer Classification Algorithm of Concrete Crack Based on Deep Learning

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Juanjuan Wang, Xin'e Yan, Yetao Cong


In combination with transfer learning under the framework of Unet semantic partitioning, VGG16 pre-trained neural network enhanced encoder is used to extract multi-level high-level semantic information. The cross-entropy loss function is used to eliminate the imbalance between samples, and finally the crack shape is accurately semitone. Combining with the theory of computer vision, a quantitative calculation method of the crack region, length, width and other geometric characteristic parameters based on the binary segmentation template is proposed. Finally, the self-developed dam concrete crack image is taken as an example to carry out simulation and comparison test to check the correctness and superiority of the research results of this project. The research results will reveal that the crack recognition based on deep neural network can achieve a high recognition rate. The calculation results of fracture characteristic parameters meet the requirement of detection accuracy. The research results of this paper are expected to provide a new technical means for the quality control of dam concrete structure.

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