Research on Non-Standard Business Optimization of Insurance Companies Under Computer Big Data

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Yonglin Tan, Xinghou Yu, Yongpan Duan, Lan Yang


This article mainly describes a lightweight framework based on J2EE (Struts+ Spring+ Hibernate). Then the paper puts forward the design and implementation scheme of the electric power enterprise insurance system based on J2EE. The technical architecture, function model, data model, information security mechanism and test specification of the system are emphatically described. The goal is to use this architecture to increase program reusability and reduce engineering complexity. The NP method is used to screen the customers in the insurance system, so as to improve the effectiveness of customer relationship management. Finally, the feasibility of the proposed algorithm is verified by computer simulation. This method can not only ensure that probability 1 converges to the optimal solution, but also improve the efficiency of customer feature selection.

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