Design of Rural E-commerce Logistics Information Management System Based on Spring Boot

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Mei E Xie, Lichen Qiao


With the improvement of science and technology, the Internet has more and more affected people's daily life. People can stay at home and learn the latest information, movies, animations, music, etc. through the Internet. They can also buy goods, learn knowledge, and even find jobs through the Internet. It can be seen that the development of the Internet has brought great convenience to people's lives, and many industries have been born. As an emerging Internet industry, e-commerce has provided a large number of job opportunities for the market. Merchants can promote through e-commerce platforms, and customers can purchase goods through the platform. To ensure the normal and orderly flow of this business activity, efficient logistics systems are indispensable. With the rise of the concept of smart logistics, it not only requires employees to have professional theoretical knowledge and management service knowledge, but also professional technical knowledge such as electronic information technology. Designing an efficient logistics information management system requires cultivating smart logistics talents. E-commerce logistics, through information management systems, can not only achieve intelligent management and control of the logistics process, improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs, but also enhance the automation and intelligence level of logistics, promoting the development of the logistics industry towards a more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable direction.

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