Computational Analysis of Hydro-Mechanical Interaction in Sponge City Infrastructure

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Dong Zhou, Haitao Xu, Yuwei Liu, Chenxiang Zhao, Xuan Xu


Sponge cities are urban areas that absorb and use rainfall like a sponge, thereby reducing flood risk and replenishing groundwater. However, the water-mechanical interactions in these systems are still poorly understood. In this study, the computer simulation fluid dynamics (CFD) method and Fluent software were used to evaluate the influence of soil leakage on pavement structure under the background of sponge city, focusing on two different soil layers. The fluid-structure coupling was analyzed by computer, and the pore water pressure changed significantly when the coupling effect was considered by computer software. When the penetration rate is 0.01 cm/s, the growth of plastic zone of soil is the smallest. Due to the upward seepage force caused by soil swelling and lateral water barrier, the strain index of road displacement is increased by 15%. The corresponding conclusion is drawn, which has practical significance.

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