Research on Computer Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to Optimize Physical Training Intensity and Recovery Cycle Model

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Jun Guo, Qingfeng Shi


This paper established an association model between high-load training and cardiac damage to minimize sports injuries. It is a key condition to promote the development of modern sports. This project intends to use 8 biochemical parameters related to high-load training to build a mathematical model of high-load training-myocardial damage. A mathematical model for high load training and cardiac damage was established. Firstly, based on sparse feature representation method, the biochemical mechanism model of high-intensity training was constructed. The energy supply law of intramuscular energy supply and the dynamic law of glycolysis energy supply during exercise were extracted. Eight biochemical parameters were obtained after high intensity training. To construct an accurate association between high-intensity training-heart damage by measuring the correlation between eight indicators of performance. The validity of the model is verified by simulation.

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