Application of Finite Element Algorithms for Formula Racing Steering Wheels

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Xinqiao Ding, Xia Liu


The steering wheel of a Formula Student car has an important influence on the driving and handling stability of the car. The steering wheel of the racing car must have good mechanical and stable performance, taking into account lightweight and economic performance. Due to the small riding space of the car, the size of the steering wheel is not required to be too large. In this case, it is very difficult to meet its harsh stress state and control its vibration and noise. Based on the general requirements of the competition rules of the Formula Student racing competition, this paper constructs the geometric model of the steering wheel of the racing car by using the computer 3D design software CATIA. ANSYS software was used to conduct finite element analysis of the mechanical properties of the metal skeleton of the steering disc. Magnesium alloy, a light material with excellent mechanical properties, was selected, and combined with the actual working conditions of the steering disc, especially the force under extreme conditions, the computer simulation results showed that the force distribution and displacement of the steering disc met the design requirements. Considering that the noise and vibration of the steering wheel will have a great impact on the racer, the modal analysis of the steering wheel is carried out by using ANSYS software, and the analysis results show that there is no resonance or instability.

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