Digital Technology: Research on the Construction and Application of Blended Teaching Curriculum of Practical Physical Education Classroom Teaching Skills in the Big Data Background

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Wenxing Tan, Pengfei Chen, Zhibing Zou, Nianmao Li


Big data is bringing discipline to education. Under the guidance of digital technology, education has ushered in the 
upsurge of digital reform, digital course teaching has gradually entered the public's vision, and the upsurge of digital course open 
education is coming. The paper adopts the research methods of literature, field investigation and logical analysis, and takes the 
construction of digital curriculum mixed teaching course based on the platform of Superstar Learning as the research object. This 
paper constructs the curriculum construction ideas in three stages of "pre-class, mid-class and after-class", and draws the following 
conclusions through the research of blended teaching curriculum practice in the big date background: Build digital media teaching 
resource library, record multi-platform online teaching videos, practice dual-track mixed teaching, pre-set interactive classroom 
teaching activities, after-school homework to consolidate and improve classroom learning, online examination to achieve teaching 
effect evaluation and feedback, etc. And summed up four practical experiences of multi-style one-click check-in function to help 
class attendance, interactive teaching activity function to achieve subject participation, paperless online evaluation function to detect 
learning effect, digital courses to break the limitation of time and space. Digital technology improves the convenience of course 
teaching and forms a visual teaching effect. Digital technology provides new ideas for digital curriculum teaching. The existence of 
digital curriculum provides more possibilities for personalized learning, while hybrid teaching promotes the interaction and 
cooperation between students and teachers. Build an online learning platform based on big data to support computer technology, and 
guide students to conduct simulation and practice in the teaching process.

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