Influence Factors of Digital Economy on the Willingness of Equipment Manufacturing Industry to Green Production in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

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Meng Shang, Doudou Liu, Junwei Cao, Yu Liu, Chunjie Jia


In the age of artificial intelligence, the digital economy significantly promotes green production in manufacturing. It 
optimizes processes, recycles resources, drives green tech innovation, and boosts product sustainability. While there's ample
research on green manufacturing, studies linking it to the digital economy are limited. Given the machinery manufacturing sector's 
strategic importance and China's focus on green, sustainable manufacturing, this study bridges that gap. Using the Theory of Planned 
Behavior (TPB) and Normative Activation Model (NAM), it examines how the digital economy influences green production 
intentions in equipment manufacturing. The study surveys Middle Eastern equipment manufacturers, analyzes the data with Smart
PLS, and finds that the digital economy positively impacts green production via personal norms, responsibility, consequence 
awareness, attitudes, and cost savings. These factors mediate the relationship between the digital economy and green production 
intentions. The paper concludes with practical recommendations based on these findings. In the era of artificial intelligence, how the 
digital economy provides a new path to the green production of the manufacturing industry, and provides a theoretical reference for 
the sustainable development of the equipment manufacturing industry. 

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